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Revista is the quarterly published magazine of the PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur. Revista believes in the freedom of decent expression.

"As Munsi Premchanda said "Language is a means, not an end"

From the age of heigyrographics to the age of quantum language we have come across with a lot many ways of communication. The art changed from black age of coal to the photography and cinema through the means of paintings. We live in era of beauty with a sense of truth which is welfare not only for human but also for universe. - Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. The idea propounded by Vedic Rishis seems to be unique today. The creativty, innovation, reasearch and development encounters even today and will in future. But we have to travel a long path till the deliverance - Moksha. So now we hope the endless journey of love(REVISTA) will come to an end and path, traveller and goal will melt and infuse in each other.




Editorial Board

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Mamta Anand

Editor, Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature

Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Santosh Mahobia

Assistant Registrar, Directorate

Design, Art & Layout

Anukriti Hooda

Pagination Theme Design

Himani Singh

Pagination Theme Design

Tathagat Verma

Design Management

Amal Dev C

Design Management

English Language

Nishant Chowdhri

Student Editor, English Language Edition

Aman Agarwal

Student Editor, English Language Edition

Hindi Language

Abhinav Shekhar Vashistha

Student Editor, Hindi Language Edition

Rohit Suman

Student Editor, Hindi Language Edition

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